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"If you are ambitious about taking your physique to the next level, let me tell you why I am the person to best help you get there. I am a seasoned instructor with 16 years of experience specializing in kettlebell instruction that included six years of study of kettlebell technique under Pavel Tastosouline who is recognized worldwide for having revived kettlebell training. If you are looking for someone attentive to your technique with a holistic approach to health and longevity, who has a distinctive coaching style that goes layers deeper than what you will get from "trainers" in even the high end clubs, then you should consider how my one-on-one coaching will help you to unlock your body to reach peak performance with techniques that you can utilize throughout your life."  ~Marty Covault~

Simplexity: The distillation of a simple system from complex forms

My Training Method:

My training method is founded on leading-edge technique, the application of universal principles of strength, and the biomechanics of sports and exercise. It is informed by the concept of simplexity: from a complex analysis of an array of training and physical development systems, I develop a simplified, yet comprehensive and evolving, set of exercises to release stored tension, to unlock your reflexive strength, to build a healthy, yet aesthetic, physique, and to obtain optimal performance and longevity.

Based on each client's level of fitness, needs, ability, and goals my method is an adaptive and integrative approach from multiple disciplines that compiles a balance of hard and soft training practices that have stood the test of time.

My soft training practice incorporates the ancient art of classical Indian club swinging, joint mobility drills, and body movement patterns that stem from ancient and modern Slavic health practices, martial arts techniques, different yoga styles, and playful primitive movements patterns that are dynamic, fun and restorative. Applying the best of these practices will revitalize your reflexive strength, correct your posture, and enhance your movement patterns.

At the same time, my hard training methodology embraces and fuses strength and conditioning training applications from Russian weightlifting systems, classic bodybuilding techniques from the Golden Era, gymnastics, calisthenics, and dynamic multi-planar movements under load using heavy clubs and maces as a means of producing three dimensional strength movement in a circular manner.

In sum, my balanced training approach builds strength and mobility in various movement patterns, forges resilience as well as coordination, and improves functional capacity, longevity, and athleticism.

SF Kettlebells
SF Kettlebells


"Marty is a passionate enthusiastic kettlebell instructor and trainer who brings a lot to the table. Marty's knowledge, vitality and professionalism are readily apparent. Anyone who works with Marty will quickly see what I'm talking about. Thanks, Marty!"

- Steve Maxwell, B.J.J. World Champion and first man to teach kettlebell classes in the U.S.